The Illegal Physicist

Since I was about fifteen or so, I knew I wanted to be a physicist. I was passionately enthralled in the study of radioactive decay. Later on I managed to secure a bursary for my undergraduate studies, performed exceedingly well in pure mathematics and physics with a fair dose of chemistry. In my final undergraduate year, this started to unravel due to my anxiety and panic. I had to take a step back from modules to focus on mental health, and complete them in a subsequent "wrap-up" year. I got my undergraduate degree, but my passion was voided by formal education, severe anxiety, and attenuated thinking capacity.

Then I came across Susan Fowler's post a few years later and had it in the back of my mind for some years after. Now I finally take the step to regain control over my graduate physics self-studies, by using her second edition post as a high-level study guide.

I will keep track of my progress here, publicly.